We are former FBI Special Agents and legal and commercial professionals with years of field investigative experiences. Many of our team members and partners hold a Private Investigator license. 

We are committed to the public safety,  welfare and protection of children and people.

We've created our exclusive anti-ballistic (bullet-proof) plates, to serve as a defense and measure against unforeseen emergency ballistic threats. ​

Meet The Team

Tim Joel

CEO / Partner

Tim is former FBI Special Agent with 20 years of investigative experience.  Prior to the FBI, he was United States Naval Officer with specialty in Surface Warfare.

Kevin Griffin

Executive  Partner

Kevin is former FBI Special Agent with an extensive experience in criminal investigation.  Kevin was United States Air Force Officer and graduated from U.S. Air Force Academy.

Will Dixion

Executive Partner

Will is former FBI Special Agent with over 20 years in field investigative experience.  Will excelled as a field agent and has a numerous investigative accomplishments under his belt. 

John Case

COO / Marketing 

John is an attorney and a licensed California Real Estate Broker in San Diego California.  John is expert on legal processing involving real estate transaction and small businesses licensing. 

Dean Mitchell

CFO / Sales

Dean has over 25 years’ experience in the banking and finance industry, including positions as Vice President of Citibank.  Dean is expert on finance and banking industry.  

Timothy Garrett

Executive Partner

Tim served in the FBI for over 12 years working as a Financial Operations Specialist. Prior to the FBI, Tim served in the United States Navy for over 25 years and has extensive overseas experience.

Yong R. Kim


Mr. Kim worked for the South Korean Presidential Blue House for 9 years.  He has vast amounts of knowledge and his expertise is in security operations.  Mr. Kim handles overseas operation in Seoul, Korea.

Jeanie Lee


Genevive "Jen" Baer


Genevieve is a former investment banker with extensive experience in the finance industry and Wall Street.  Jen is a spokesperson for the company on all media related matters.


Under the Federal Statute, U.S. Title 18, prohibits any convicted felons from possessing any firearms and body armor type equipment.  Many states also have similar laws pertaining to the law above. 


Please note that by placing an order of our products, you are agreeing to comply with all local, state, and federal laws relating to body armor and its related products. 


You also acknowledge that you do not intend to use our products for any criminal intention and/or purpose. 

The Mission Pro reserves the right to refuse to sell our product to any individuals and groups.

All our products are for civilian uses and for defensive purpose only.

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