We are committed to 100% customer satisfaction on all the products that we produce and sell.

If, for any reasons, you are not completely satisfied with your purchases, please return the product to us for a full-refund. 

"Fidelity, Bravery, and Integrity" is the motto that we stand behind on everything we do.  


Wholesalers who are interested in promoting and selling our products can inquire with us. 


We have a sales team waiting to take your call for any request. 


We stand behind our products and look forward to doing business with you. 


For an inquiry, please contact John Case at 949-836-7230 or send us an email at admin@missionexp.com.​


At The Mission Pro, we do not sell or exchange our customers' information to any other retailers or businesses, and your information remains confidential with us, fully protected. 


This is our guarantee to our customers.


The Mission Pro EXP and its backpacks are for personal defensive use only and we are not held responsible for any illegal use of our products.


Our EXP is a bullet-proof rated product; therefore, it is being sold strictly for defensive purposes, and nothing else.  If you have any questions relating to this matter, please contact us at admin@missionexp.com.


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Under the Federal Statute, U.S. Title 18, prohibits any convicted felons from possessing any firearms and body armor type equipment.  Many states also have similar laws pertaining to the law above. 


Please note that by placing an order of our products, you are agreeing to comply with all local, state, and federal laws relating to body armor and its related products. 


You also acknowledge that you do not intend to use our products for any criminal intention and/or purpose. 

The Mission Pro reserves the right to refuse to sell our product to any individuals and groups.

All our products are for civilian uses and for defensive purpose only.

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