Safe Origami Shelter (SOS) Concept

U.S. Patent Pending # 62769938

1)  Our SOS design blends perfectly into existing classroom decor; therefore, it is not noticeable that a bullet-proof shelter is in place.  The proposed constructed material for wall panel is combination of our highly rated Poly-Ethylene and steel plates. 

2)  During an emergency, our SOS wall panels can be unfolded and converted easily into an effective "bullet-proof" shelter by a simple sliding action. 

3)  The built-in triangular roof panels then form a stable roof-top that completely shield the shelter into a tank-like compartment.  SOS is locked from inside; therefore, it cannot be opened from outside. 

4)  Once inside, a teacher or a student can lock the shelter and can monitor exterior environment using built-in camera/monitor set up, and also communicate with school's command center via an intercom.

5)  Our SOS can be installed in any environment where people gather, work,, and play, and it is not just for school classrooms. The three-panel design creates approximately 50 sq ft. of space, and hold approximately 30-40 students standing comfortably.

6)  The SOS is a temporary solution during an emergency shooting incident, and it is not designed to be a permanent shelter.​


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