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Safe Origami Shelter (SOS) Concept

U.S. Patent Pending # 62769938

SOS_1st panel animation.jpg

1)  Our SOS design blends perfectly into existing classroom décor; therefore, it is not noticeable that  this is a bulletproof shelter is in place.  The proposed constructed material for wall panel is combination of our highly rated Poly-Ethylene and steel plates. 

SOS_2nd panel animation.jpg

2)  During an emergency, the SOS wall panels can be unfolded and converted easily into an effective "bulletproof" shelter by a simple push-slide action. 

SOS_3rd panel animation.jpg

3)  The built-in triangular roof panels form a stable roof-top that completely shields the shelter from top and converts panels into a tight "bulletproof" shelter. SOS plates are locked from inside; therefore, it cannot be opened from outside. 

SOS_4th panel animation.jpg

4)  Once inside, a teacher or a student can lock the shelter and can monitor exterior of the classroom by built-in camera/monitor set up, and teacher/students can communicate with school's command center via an intercom built inside the "bulletproof" shelter.

SOS_5th panel animation.jpg

5)  Our SOS can be installed in any classrooms and office environment where people gather to study, work and play. The above example of three-panel design creates approximately 50 sq. ft. of interior space, and the shelter will hold approximately 30-40 students standing comfortably.

6)  The SOS shelter is a temporary measure during an emergency shooting incident, and it is not designed to be a permanent shelter.​ The convenient factor is that is flat when it is not used; therefore, it dopes not take any space in classrooms or in office settings.

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