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MISSION (Coming Soon)
  • MISSION (Coming Soon)

    SKU: TMP002

    Our "Mission" backpack is all purpose, utilitarian bag that is useful for carrying your personal belonging to work or to an outing. The good looking bag is not only highly versatile, but its also highly protective. The inner lining of the backpack has PE bulletproof material that is armored rated at NIJ Level III+ to protect you from external ballistic threats. It's a large size for both adults and students alike, and it can also be equipped with additional EXP plate in front for "double" protection.


      Tactical backpack size is large meauring approximately 18" x 8' x 5" external dimension and it weighes approximately 15 ounces.


      Our "100% Satisfaction Guarantee" policy ensures customers have a full 60-days return for our products with no questions asked.

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