Bravo (Medium & Curved)
  • Bravo (Medium & Curved)

    SKU: EXP002

    Our "Bravo" EXtreme Protection (EXP) ballistic plate is medium sized with a curved design that has a 5 degree curvature to fully comform to the shape of back when placed inside your favorite backpack.  It is also excellent as a back support for any seats, including office chairs and car seats. It has an anti-ballistic rating of NIJ Level 3 Plus and its material and integrity are fully tested by the National Institute of Justice testing agency.  Our Bravo plate is covered with cushioned oxford ballistic nylon cover and heavy-nylon border trim.  Our Bravo plate is highly versatile and protective, and when properly employed in your favorite brief bags or backpacks, it will provide an additional protection against any potential threats involving ballistic objects.


      BRAVO EX-P plate size is approximately 11' x 14' x 0.35" and has 5 degree curvature.  It weighes approximately 26 ounces.


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    Color: Black