Introducing "New" The Mission Pro EXP

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- Introducing Crimson's Innovation and Concept -

"Safe Origami Shelter" (SOS)

U.S. Patent Pending # 62769938

**We are currently seeking a corporate sponsor and/or investor(s) to implement this project.**  

**Our goal is to install this system as soon as and to as many classrooms as possible in the United States.**

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Crimson Patent application diagram and illustration.

Crimson's Safe Origami Shelter (SOS) is a "bullet-proof" wall system that converts into a safe and protective shelter during an emergency.*

Our "Patent Pending" design was first conceptualized by former FBI Special Agents, to build a system that would protect our children from an unforeseen shooting incidents at the school environment.

The term "Origami" means "folding" in Japanese, and our concept was inspired by this Japanese traditional design.

Our SOS design blends into existing class rooms decor that is not noticeable that a bullet-proof shelter is in place.  The SOS wall panels can be painted, wall papered, and even mount a chalk/white board. 

During an emergency, however, our SOS wall panels can be unfolded and converted easily into an effective "bullet-proof" shelter by a simple sliding action that converts it into a tank-like compartment. (See demonstration above)


Our SOS can be also installed in any other environment where people gather, work, and play; therefore, it is not just for school classrooms.  We also have the design and concept for one, two, and three panels based size and location needs.

At Crimson, we are constantly innovating and coming up with new ideas for the purpose of safety and protection of our children and people.

PREPARE for Emergency, PREVENT Injury, and PROTECT Lives

*We are extremely cautious in using the term "bullet-proof" as nothing is ever 100% bullet-proof. 

See our NIJ Certification for limitation of the term "bullet-proof."