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News 01/2020


It's finally here!  

After spending more than a year formulating, developing, we have finally produced our anti-ballistic plates, and the first shipment has arrived here in the U.S.A.

The Mission Pro, a division of Crimson Consultants International, will start selling the plates starting January 2020. The quantity is limited so order fast to have yours.

We named our anti-ballistic plate, Extreme Protection, or EXP.

So, what is "anti-ballistic plate" anyway you ask?  It's a "bullet-proof" plate, that is capable of blocking most bullet rounds, but we do not want to use any words such as "bullets" and "shooting" that may imply negative connotation; therefore, we are calling it an anti-ballistic plate, and even more simply "EXP."


 Our EXP plate is extremely light and thin, but it has the NIJ rating of Level III Plus which means it pretty much stops most ballistic rounds, including the large Magnum 44 caliber round!  Read all about the details on the description page on our website.

How can you use this plate?  You put inside your favorite bags or backpacks so its with you at all the time.  We are sure that you carry one type of bag or backpack with you all the time, so you just need to insert our EXP inside your bag or backpack.

Please see the detail on our website for more information.

News 01/2020

Crimson Consultants International 

Welcomes a New Partner!


Will Dixion!


Will is retired FBI Special Agent who has over 20 years of criminal investigative experience under his belt. 

Will has worked in the Los Angeles field office, where's he met, worked together, and befriended Tim Joel, and then off he went to the Phoenix, Arizona office until his retirement in 2017.

The detail of his bio summary and work experience can be read on our Team Member page.

We are enthusiastically excited to have Will to join our team for our effort to market EXP plates to the public and he will be a great asset to the team.

Thank you, Will and welcome aboard!

News 12/2019

Welcome to

The Mission Pro

We are a New Start-Up Company.

The Mission Pro is a sub-division of Crimson Consultants International - a Private Investigation and Security Consulting company in San Diego, California.

Our team members and partners are mostly former law enforcement officials, former military officers, and law and financial specialists.  

Our new company's goal is to produce products that can be used as a defensive purpose during today's ever occurring ballistic threats that exists in our society.


Our objective is to find a way to provide some relief in safety to our children and people with our product, and we are not motivated by profits alone.


Our team came up with the name "The Mission Pro."  It means that Our Mission is for your Protection. 

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