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  • What is Anti-Ballistic Plate and EXP?
    Anti-Ballistic Plate(s) can effectively stop on-coming ballistic objects such as bullets and fast flying shrapnel by providing a protective barrier against the person and the objects. EXP is our acronym for EXtreme-Protection, which is the term we used to describe our plate's dense and puncture resistant material. Our EXP plate is made with 1500 denier Poly-Ethylene fabric that is more dense and puncture resistant than Kevlar and any other fabrics. At The Mission Pro, we only use the best material for our Crimson EXP plates.
  • How Can EXP Anti-Ballistic Plate Protect Me?
    Our EXP plate can be employed (inserted) into your favorite bag(s) and backpack(s) to make it an effective shield against oncoming ballistic objects. Having our EXP always with you will provide some protection against any unforeseen events involving shooting and other emergency incidents. Our EXP plates are rated National Institute of Justice (NIJ) rating of IIIA which is capable of stop and blocking all handguns rounds including Magnum 44.
  • Who Makes EXP Plate and The Mission Pro Backpacks?
    Our EXP plates are the Product of Korea and they are imported from South Korea. Some of its compoents are made in China. The concept and design is all formulated in California, USA, by former law enforcement and military officers. The soon-to-be available The Mission Pro backpacks are the Product of Korea.
  • What Materials are used to make EXP and The Mission Pro Backpacks?
    We use 50 sheets of highly dense Poly-Ethylene fabric as our base material for our EXP plates. It is compressed with a 500 ton compressor for 15 minutes to create a dense and hard plate. The plate is then hand-dressed in puncture resistant oxford-cushioned fabric material to create a beautiful piece. Each and every one of our plates take more than hour to create and mostly all done by hands. Our The Mission Pro backpack uses the highest quality puncture resistant oxford material, leather, and micro fibers.
  • What is The Mission Pro EXP and Backpacks' Guarantee?
    Our EXP plates are guarantee against any manufactural defects and workmanship for 5 years. Our The Mission Pro backpack has one year warranty against any defects and workmanship.
  • Who Invented EXP and The Mission Pro Backpacks?
    Our EXP plates are the brainchild of a group of team that consisted of former FBI Special Agents and military officers. We came together to create a product that could serve as defense against ever increasing gun violence in our schools and working environment. The Mission Pro backpacks are also designed by our team of former FBI Special Agents and military officers.
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