Extreme Protection (EXP)

"EXP" Explained

Our team develop a higher resistant "bullet-proof" protection that is lighter in weight and thinner in design. This material is Poly Ethylene (PE) fabric.  We further modified PE fabric and created "EXtreme Protection" plate that is far superior and stronger than the most other anti-ballistic plates that currently exist.


Our solution was to take 50 sheets of this highly dense PE fabric and compress it with a heavy "500 ton" compressor for 15 minutes.  This process creates one of the densest materials that is stronger than steel, yet is still extremely light and thin. 


This process and methodology by our company are currently under Patent Pending consideration by the U.S. Patent and Trade Office.  Resulting, our EXP plate has a far superior rating than most anti-ballistic products out in the market today. 


Our EXP plates are then polished and hand-dressed with heavy nylon edgings and a dense oxford fabric covering to protect and beautify each piece.  Each EXP plate takes more than an hour to create.  


Our EXP plates are approximately 10mm thick and approximately 730 gram in weight.  Yet, it provides National Institute of Justice Level IIIA (Plus) rating, which means that it is capable of stopping Magnum 44 rounds.  It comes in two sizes - with the approximate size of a laptop computer of 13 inch and 15 inch notebooks.  It also comes in three configurations - flat, 3 degree and 5 degree curvature to conform to the shape of your back.  You will immediately appreciate the shape of our EXP plates because it will form to your back when worn with your backpack, at the same time, providing protection against unforeseen emergency ballistic threat.  


The Mission Pro is also in the process of developing and manufacturing our own brand of anti-ballistic backpacks as our product line. We are continuously striving to develop anti-ballistic products for both civilian and governmental uses.

Our company's goal is not for profit, but rather, we want to create a safe environment and provide protection of our children and people.  For this reason, we priced our plates accordingly and affordably in order to provide as many units to the public, as soon as possible.  

PREPARE for Emergency, PREVENT Injury, and PROTECT Lives

How to Use Our EXP

The Mission Pro Extreme Protection (EXP) plate can be inserted into your favorite backpack or bag, which can turn it into a "bullet-proof" shield.*

The illustration on the right demonstrates ways the backpack containing the EXP can be used during unforeseen emergency ballistic threats.

You can count on The Mission Pro EXP to always have your back if any dangerous situation arises.

Conceptualized and designed in California by former law-enforcement officials and military officers whose mission is to protect society against harmful emergency ballistic attacks.

*We are extremely cautious in using the term "bullet-proof" as nothing is ever 100% bullet-proof. 

See below NIJ Certification for limitation of the term "bullet-proof."

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These are Crimson's Patent application illustrations.

NIJ 1.jpg


The Mission Pro - EXP 

NIJ Certification

All "The Mission Pro" Extreme Protection (EXP) anti-ballistic plates are now fully certified by National Institute of Justice (NIJ), and have achieved NIJ Rating of IIIA. 

Our own plates were individually tested, qualified to be fully compliant, and its effectiveness in stopping even powerful Magnum 44 caliber.

The left document is one of Crimson EXP plate certifications.

You can count on our EXP plates to provide most protection during an emergency ballistic threat.