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EXtreme-Protection (EXP) Anti-Ballistic Plates
Only 10mm thick & 730grams
NIJ Rating Level IIIA

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The Mission Pro is a division of Crimson Consultants International (CCI), an Investigation and Security Consulting Company located in San Diego, California.


We've created a special anti-ballistic plate that is capable of stopping high-caliber ballistic rounds and that can be employed into your favorite brief bags and backpacks. 


We've named our anti-ballistic plate "EXtreme Protection"

or "EXP" for short.


EXP is weather-proof and heat resistant, and is precisely designed to safeguard and defend users from unforeseen emergency ballistic threats. 


EXP is made with special Poly Ethylene Bulletproof / Body Armour materials that has double the puncture resistance than other body armor materials on the market.  Our EXP has achieved National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level- 3A rating, while it maintains the lightest and thinnest form.  It will provide protection against most high caliber ballistic rounds.*

The Mission Pro's exclusive EXP plate can be placed in your favorite bags and backpacks and can be purchased separately from our backpacks.


* Note:  Our plate is 10mm in thickness and weighs only 730 gram. Yet, it has an effective stopping power of all handgun rounds including Magnum 44 caliber.

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We are former FBI Special Agents with many years of field investigative experiences. 

We are private investigators and own and operate, Crimson Consultants International (CCI), an Investigation and Security Consulting Company in California.

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We came together, brainstormed, and created our EXP, an anti-ballistic plate, to create a defensive measure against unforeseen emergency ballistic threats.

We also have family members and children; therefore, we are committed to the public's safety, welfare, and to the protection of children and people.

Our company's goal is not for profit, but rather, we want to create a safe environment and provide protection of our children and people. 


We traveled all over the world to find the best materials and workmanship to create our EXP plates, and the the result was outstanding in developing the best anti-ballistic plates available to date. ​

We guarantee it!



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(Large & Curved)

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YOUR Safety is Our MISSION!
Contact Us:

The Mission Pro

c/o Crimson International Group

11440 W. Bernardo Ct. #300, San Diego, CA 92127

Tel: 858-829-4305

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